MLM Training Pro Privacy Policy Agreement


This Anti-Spam Policy Notice governs the use of mlmtrainingpro web site and all of its web pages, domains and sub-domains, which are owned and operated by ecoNet Marketing ("Owner"). Wherever this Notice refers to "users" it means "you", while "we" or "our" refer to ecoNet Marketing and "Web Site" refers to

This sets forth our policy with regard to the use of "Spam" marketing techniques in connection with Internet Marketing and Network Marketing.

We have a strict policy against spamming. We forbid the sending of unsolicited mass Emails or unsolicited Emails of any kind in connection with the marketing of our programs, products and services.

Our emails are 100% CAN Spam Act 2004 Compliant. We are anti-spam. Your name is being collected for the purpose of providing the information you requested. The messages we send are in complete compliance of the new U.S. Federal e-mail bill S. 1616 Title III, Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C). Our messages cannot be considered SPAM because they will include:

  1. Contact information, and

  2. A way to be removed from future e-mailings.

We reserve the right to terminate your account and participation in our programs "for cause" if we deem you to be in violation of our policies and regulations. We also reserve the right to suspend your subscription and participation pending review upon receipt of any complaint or other evidence that you may be in violation of our policies and guidelines.

We consider spamming to be any activity whereby directly or indirectly messages are being transmitted via email to any email address that has not solicited such email and does not consent to such transmission.

If you are "spammed" by anyone regarding our products, services, web site, or any other matters, please report this activity to

You Must be Personally Subscribed.

We communicate via e-mail only with those who have personally opted-in (subscribed him or her self) to one or more of our e -mail lists. Communications to subscribers of any specific list are designed to be in harmony with the purpose of each list.

If you want to receive e-mails from us, you must personally subscribe.

Unrequested e-mails:

If you receive any e-mail from us for which you believe you did not personally subscribe, by virtue of how our system works this means that you must have been subscribed by somebody other than you, and other than us. This seldom happens, although occasionally a "friend" will think it's a "good idea" to subscribe you without your prior consent and we have no control over this. Should you receive any e-mails from us for which you believe you did not subscribe, simply use the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the e-mail and you will be immediately removed from our system.

We Value Your Privacy.

We do not rent, sell, or otherwise share the information you provide to us. Your information is only being used to provide you the information you requested.

You May Unsubscribe at Any Time.

From time to time, as a subscriber to one or more of our e-mail subscriber lists, you'll receive information from us that we consider it to be of "value". If you don't, simply unsubscribe at any time using the "unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of each e-mail and you will be immediately removed from the particular list associated with that e-mail. If you find the unsubscribe link doesn't work, just send an email with the subject line that reads "please unsubscribe".

Caution: If you're subscribed to multiple e-mail lists associated with mlmtrainingpro, unsubscribing from one list may not unsubscribe you from other of our lists. If you wish to be removed from all of the e-mail lists to which you are subscribed, you may need to unsubscribe from each list separately one at the time.

We, ecoNet Marketing, reserve the right to change this policy at our own discretion at any time without any notification in advance.