Your company sponsored MLM training principles and network marketing training techniques will, without a doubt, wreck your MLM success.

"Why You Should Toss Your Warm Market List, Refuse To Make 3-Way Calls, And Stop Wasting Time Distributing Fliers!"

Stop Using Old School Ideas! Read Proven Principles and Techniques In This MLM Training Report That Ensures Your MLM Success By $50,000 Without Ever Speaking To Your Warm Market.

Discover one of the brutally honest truths this report unveils...

Listen to why upline leaders teach you warm market techniques to help themselves and leave you to fence for yourself as you attempt to grow your MLM business.

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Don't Just Scan This Site

Don't scan down to the price, the PSes, or back up again to hear the audio clips, and then exit out of this page.

The information that you could gain here could be the beginning of a turn around for your business and are the network marketing training secrets closely guarded by your upline leaders that help them reach the top of compensation plans.

Get ready to read this page by doing this...


Fix yourself something to drink, put on your reading glasses, and sit in your comfortable chair to read what can be the most brutally honest report about the MLM industry, its network marketing training, and why 90% of distributors fail to reach mlm success within their 5 months of business!

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From: The Virtual Desk Of Wil Chirinos

To: MLM Business Entrepreneur

Subject: Company Sponsored MLM Training Fallacy.



Dear Valued Home Based Business Owner:

MLM Success Letter F Imageor the first time ever, I am going to share with you some of the most guarded network marketing training secrets that have allowed upline leaders in your company reach a high level of mlm success, but first

Let Me Tell You What Happened To Me...

My name is Wil Chirinos and I reside in the Big Apple. I moved to New York City after I finished a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Michigan State University in the late 80's.

Since that time, I've built a career in Technologies in Corporate New York...

Soon after I started my first job though...

...I realized that in the corporate environment, I would never be promoted beyond my immediate boss, would never make more money than my manager, or will never be allowed to break away from the corporate structure where I could develop my full potential...

...politics, personalities, and social networking trickery were the norm to make more money - it had nothing to do with competence, skills, or productivity.

I came to the realization that to make the kind of money I was interested in, I needed to start looking outside the corporate world.


in the mid 90's, I was introduced to a company in Network Marketing as an alternative to supplement my income and right then in there that's when my downfall began.

To grow my business, I was given the so-called simple and effective network marketing training and was directed to:

Realizing how difficult it was to recruit from my "circle of influence" or to grow my customer base out of my warm market, I thought to myself...


if my warm market is supposed to be the easiest market to ensure my MLM success because they know me and trust me, then what is the cold market going to be like?

Although, I put forth my best effort, I had little mlm success. After 10 years of being in and out of network marketing companies and thousands of dollars in the "hole", I was tired, discouraged, and wondering...

I did everything I was told to do and even asked myself...

Why am I not one of those guys on stage talking about how well my business is going?

What the hell is wrong with what I've done?

When I asked my upline for a more accurate blueprint, the answer was always evasive:

I can honestly say that my immediate upline sponsor was just as lost as I was...

The only one who was actually making any money was our upline guru who on occasions would do an "MLM training/opportunity meeting" in New York City while he was on his nation wide tour.

The bottom line...

The MLM training that I was taught to grow my business got me in a great deal of debt, tremendous amount of time wasted, and far fewer friends and family members wanting to see me because of my incessant pitch...


I was determined to find the MLM Success I was striving for...

...and began studying marketing especially network marketing, the industry, I researched these upline gurus, their MLM training workshops, and their systems, etc...

As I became more experienced in Network Marketing and observed the industry, its network marketing training phylosophy, I began to ask myself some key questions:

My research led me to...

The Shocking Truth About The Network Marketing Training You're Exposed To!

95% Of What The MLM Establishment Teaches Is Never Meant To Work For The Average Common Distributor.

That's right, you read that correctly!

I discovered that company sponsored network marketing training is flawed and it does NOT have the best interest of the common distributor in mind.

"After implementing what I have learned from this MLM training report, I made more in the first year than I did in all 15 years of Network Marketing..."

Avelina has been in Network Marketing over 15 years. She has done everything you can imagine to grow businesses: went to seminars, purchased books, tapes, done everything what her upline said - nothing worked.

Now she is very passionate and wants to help people find this MLM training report because of what it did for her.

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Read This Controversial Never Shared Insider Report If You Hope To Have Any MLM Success.

It'll Provide You With The Insider Scoop On Why The MLM Training You're Exposed To Will Wreck Your Business Miserably

...And Learn What You Can Do About It To Change The Odds.

Is This What You've Been Taught To Do
As The Duplicatable Network Marketing Training System?

I hate to bust your bubble, but

          all of these MLM training techniques were NEVER MEANT to work for you.

The facts are...

  1. If you are not properly informed as to how to reach MLM success, you will be making a personal donation to your MLM company with no return on your investment because 9 out of 10 distributors in this industry do not see a single penny back, sadly!

  2. If you don't know how to promote your products or your services to the masses beyond your warm market, you're doomed to fail.

  3. If you follow your upline's leadership blindly just because they are making a huge sum of money, you will wind up being USED and FLAT BROKE!

...your network marketing training can shutter your dreams and produce very disappointing results.


If you're educated and know what works and how to AVOID the dangers and pitfalls:

You Can Dramatically Increase Your Chances Of MLM Success In This Business Once You Know The Insider Scoop!

You see...

The key to success in network marketing is to understand the core reasons why these techniques are taught and learn to maneuvers around them.

This is what I'd like to offer you...

A never published MLM Training Report that spills the beans on the industry, the leaders, the techniques, and the rationale behind this ineffective mlm training that robs your chance to become an MLM Success.

Let's Take A Peak Behind The Curtain On What You'll Unearth In This MLM Insider Report.

These are the facts that 9 out of 10 Network Marketers never learned... and the network marketing training techniques that your upline leaders would rather you NOT know about to continue making them money!


Here Is Just A Tiny Sampling Of The MLM Training Topics Covered:

And MORE...!

You need much more than a "big why" to make it happen.You need to be equipped with the insider information and develop your marketing skills based on that knowledge.

Now you can, but first...

I'm Going To Be Brutally Honest With You...

The key to understanding how this type of marketing has thrived for six decades is to understand that these companies do what they do for their own survival first and NOT yours.

The hype, the "promise land" of financial abundance, and the triggers to get you involved are all created for their benefit and your dependency on them.

For example, you're being told that you can:

The facts remain that LESS THAN 10% of distributors can say the above with any degree of accuracy, even with the network marketing training provided by the mlm companies, the remaining of the bunch FAIL miserably.

Companies need to say these things to push the greed button to get you to partake in the business knowing fully well that 9 out of 10 people won't see a dime!


don't get me wrong, I am for network marketing and its business model.

I Don't Mean To Knock This Industry

I think this is the best opportunity for the average person to find his share of MLM success because of the possibility of:

but you have to be aware of these inefficient mlm training tactics which you're being taught that could ruin your chances to be profitable especially if you lack the proper knowledge from this MLM Insider Report.

"Not only I was able to recover my debt, but now I am on the way to help others find the same mlm success turning their businesses around 180 degrees..."

Connie has been involved in Network Marketing for about 10 years. She has tried various traditional Network Marketing methods, such as: 3-foot rule, warm market, expensive leads, etc. that just did not work for her.

When she read this mlm training report, it honestly hit her between the eyes in a huge way that finally there was someone telling the truth. It has made a huge difference in her business. She has gone from several thousands dollars in debt to finally the success she was looking for in almost 10 years.

Slow connection? Hear an audio clip on Connie's Network Marketing training discoveries.
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All right, let's look at it like this...

As a marketer, you have the potential to earn far more money than a lawyer, a doctor, or an account. Yet our industry downplays the importance of a good solid network marketing training program.

Think for a second...

how much training, time, and effort these professionals put in to get to the top of their games?

Instead, mlm companies and upline leaders tell you the business is so easy that all you have to do is find 5 people and help those 5 people find their own five people, and so on and on...

If The Secret To MLM Success Were As Simple As Getting On The Products, Talking To People, Or Attending Company Sponsored MLM Training Seminars Then Everyone Would Be Rich...

...We Would Not Have Senior Citizens Bagging Groceries In Supermarkets, Would We?

You've Been Lied To...

And Really It's Not Your Fault Though!

I feel your disappointment because I know what's like to have been misguided...

After some many trials and errors; I finally figured things out myself.

You see, I have gathered some vital facts that explain how some distributors have learned to work very well within the system and have reached MLM success.

And I am going to reveal some pretty controversial facts about this industry right here on this web page. But first, I have a question for you...

12 Months From Now, Where Would You Like To Be With Your MLM Business?

Take a couple of seconds to really think about this question.

Do you want to be further ahead than where you are today?

Around this time next year do you want to have a profitable business?


do you want to have a fledging business that is about to run out of funds?

With a success rate of less than 10% percent, what strategies do you have to move your business forward starting today?

Think about it?

If your downline needs to grow for you to build a residual business, then you must have access to the best mlm training tools, techniques, and knowledge to help your downline reach MLM success.


how can you do that when you do NOT know how to put YOURSELF in profit first?

Here's a sad truth...

most network marketers don't see a pay check from their sponsoring companies, they work the business for about 5 months, fail to make any income, and then move on to the next bigger, better opportunity. An ugly truth, but it's more than a proven fact.

Now don't get me wrong - there are a few who are making small fortunes. People who travel all over the country or the world, receive a residual income, and are revered by those distributors in their organizations.


What's The Difference Between Those Who Make It vs. Those Who Struggle?

My belief is that it's a combination of knowledge (like the type I am disclosing in this MLM training Report), skill set, and attitude.

Those marketers who make it have a "half-full glass" mentality and are perpetually learning new ways to grow their businesses.

When these network marketers find successful methods of increasing their businesses, they ACT on those methods. They DO something.

This moment, reading this website, is a crossroads for you:

will you just scan this site, shake your head, and think to yourself, "Neah! My business is already doing well and exit the page..."?


will you seize the moment, download this Report and devour it?

Discover how leaders make the money they make in this industry and how YOU as their downline are SADLY helping them build these fortunes while YOU continue to struggle, wake up!

"This MLM training report changed my life..."

Matt has been involved in 22 part time businesses with no luck. He was looking to enjoy his life without thinking about his business all the time.

Since reading this report and moving forward, as a result of this MLM training report, he is in the process of achieving the MLM success he's always thought of without interfering with his social life.

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Quite honestly, I have poured my heart out onto this report, but if you don't see this MLM training information, what good would it be?

My old teacher back in college used to say... "information without implementation is just entertainment."

In other words,

Continue Doing What You Have Been Doing And Continue Getting What You Have Been Getting...

Right now, you have a chance to make this more than just entertainment - you can literally change the course of your MLM business life. You can take what you learn here and put it into practice in your business.


how would you like to have access to a piece of insider information that has been hidden in the "secret vaults" of the richest distributors in your company that has given them the "blue print" of how to catapult themselves to stardom?

If you didn't say a resounding YES, then do me a favor, would you?

Just shut down your Windows XP or Windows 2000 computer right now, go to the kitchen, open up your refrigerator, and then take out your jar of iced cold water, take a deep deep breath, and right there in there, just pour the whole jar of water on your head so that you wake up!


the MLM training information in this rarely shared MLM Insider Report is a GEM!

All you have to do is ACT on what I am about to reveal to you...

When you get this MLM Insider Report, you'll possess the insider information on how your upline leaders grow their organizations, make the money they make, and why they travel all over the country to protect their interests...

All under the pretext they are coming over to help you reach MLM success. Read how sweet it is for your upline leaders to travel to hotel meetings all over the country and how detrimental this practice is to your own business.

"This MLM training report is the first step in you finding the path to what really does work..."

Richard was a poster child for all those traditional MLM training methods that do not work and he can prove that they do not work. He did over 34,000 sizzle cards, he did over 34,000 calls to so called leads, he did over 40,000 fliers... he did every kind of reaching out method there is out there and he did it massively.

The consequences of this MLM training report is that now he is growing one successful business in Network Marketing that should put him in 6 figures in the next 6 months and a second business that is already in 6 figures.

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This Report Could Be The First Step To Completely And Utterly Dominate Your Niche!

Do you want to dominate your niche?

This really can happen to you when you know how to properly market your business. Learn how to develop a marketing campaign, how to teach others, and how to help others find MLM success.

It just takes two steps:

You need to develop the skill set of marketing


You need to help others develop their skill set, too to grow their businesses.

If that sounds simple, you're right. It is simple. But it's only simple when you know the steps...


But you know I got to let you in on something...


You Are About To Miss Out On Your Last Chance To Read These Closely Guarded Secrets Of This Industry...

These MLM training "techniques and principles", I've compiled here have taken me years to recognize, master, and implement into my business.

What you don't know about is that...

...because this report was written so candidly to give you the insider scoop on Network Marketing training that I have gotten some angry emails and phone calls from upline leaders accusing me of revealing too much.

Since their businesses are being compromised because of these revealing MLM training secrets are out in the open, I have decided to edit out the most compromising portions of this report in my upcoming second edition.

As long as I have not finished my second edition, this first edition is still available for you to read. But once my revised "censored" second edition is ready for distribution, I am going to take this current first edition off the shelf sort of speak.


Because I really spilled the beans and held nothing back in my first edition. My intent was to help people avoid the common mistakes of Network Marketing and not hurt anyone (even upline leaders).

And quite honestly, I don't know if I would want to create any animosity in this industry with its so called mlm training, after all, there is plenty of that going around without me adding more to it.

So if you want to grab this "uncensored" first edition, I would encourage you to get your copy NOW before my second edition is ready. In fact, I got news recently from my editing service that the second edition is about 80% complete.

Remember once this first edition is gone... it will stay gone.

Don't delay, get the MLM Insider Report and find out the truth why the industry teaches this fluff, empty-content type of mlm training, how leaders capitalize on the lack of knowledge from their downline to amass small fortunes, and most importantly how to operate an MLM business and reach a covetous level of mlm success.

MLM Training Success Story Picture

The most impressive aspect of this MLM training report is its sincerity and authenticity. This report pin points the reason why there are some many failures and successes, it can discern the difference and can provide the rest of us the "cream of the crop" of what works and doesn't work, so that we don't have to make the same mistakes ourselves...

Sylvia Westrup

Corpus Christi, Texas

Consider this...

When You Download Your MLM Training Report By Midnight Today,

You'll Also Get 3 Amazing Bonus Gifts!!!

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I see many distributors waste their money on ill-conceived PPC advertisement campaigns following the advice from their network marketing training seminars.


Google Adwords Made Easy

"How to outperform your competition in your Google Adword Campaign that ensures your profitability." It'll detail:

With the knowledge gained from this ebook, I have been able to generate more traffic, more sales, and ultimately make more money. You should get your hands on this information if Google Adwords is something you're using or want to learn how to do.

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This is just an example of some of the MLM training tools I use to help me grow my business that you can benefit right away. I have to limit this to the next 12 distributors ONLY though.

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I only ask that you DO NOT forward this information to your upline because they'll blow their tops once they realize what I share with you in this MLM training newsletter and I'd get more "heat" for it all. This behind-closed-doors newsletter reveals new directions in MLM, techniques, tips, and reviews. In it of itself, this is a business building mlm training resource you'll love to get your hot little fingers on!


This is an unsolicited / unedited testimonial from one of my MLM training newsletter members... This is someone who was about to quit her business because of lack of MLM success, but got the knowledge to give her a fighting chance to reach her goals.

From: alaysha <> [Save Address] [Block Sender]
To: <wchi^rinos@econ^etmarket^>
Subject: Staying in the game
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 05:56:52 -0700

Dear Mr. Chirinos

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am just getting to your emails. I was seriously considering giving up on my business, because I wasn't seeing success, as a matter of fact I have lost a great deal. I truly believe in this industry, and I couldn't understand why others didn't see what I see. The product is awesome, and everyone deserves to know about this product and after reading the information you sent on leading with the product, I now see many possibilities about to unfold. I haven't read everything yet; I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you and god bless you. I will be back in contact with you soon. Please continue to send me information.


Patricia Daye.

These 3 killer bonus gifts will boost your business by giving you access to MLM training information only the top distributors in your company know and guard very closely...!

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You'll Never Again Allow Yourself To Be Misled By Hype, Hopes, Or Dreams Of How To Build An Income With Your Network Marketing Company.

By now, I'm sure you are wondering how much you'll invest to get this "insightful" MLM training report. And since most of this revealing MLM training tips are not shared at any company-sponsored events at any price... you're probably figuring it's gonna cost you an arm and a leg -right?

Well keep reading...

This is a collection of MLM training ideas, tips, and know-how-to's that have taken me years of trials and errors, years of wasting my money on what I was told to do by my companies and upline leaders.

I have bought thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and retail tools from my companies to send to my warm market, just to realize I was throwing my hard-earned money on unproductive methods.

I purchased e-Commerce web sites in the hopes that my prospects will buy my products on line, just to find out again, my webmasters and hosting companies were the only ones making hundreds of dollars in profit off of me.

Yes!, I purchased opportunity leads for $4, $7, even as high as $10 each lead to find out then that these leads were giving me the round around when I called them.

I can honestly say...

I've spent well over $32,000 in my years of trying to make my network marketing companies grow based on the network marketing training I was given by those I trusted.

You have a unique opportunity to get 10+ years worth of a 'hard knocks' education. Learn from my mistakes and build on my previous MLM training experience.

But there are some people I can NOT help.

If you don't believe in yourself, have no motivation to improve your life or business, or are the type to see things from a "half-empty-glass" perspective, then sorry I can NOT help you.

This information is geared to those entrepreneurs who are looking for a road map - an A to Z, top to bottom, blueprint to help them reach MLM success.

"This report showed me in writing the mistakes I have been making, it also showed me what I can do to change it..."

After reading this MLM training report, Shirden has seen the light. Where he needed to go, what road he needed to travel on to change his business, his life, the quality of his life.

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How Much Is A Report That Gives You the Insider Scoop Of Network Marketing Worth To You?

Back in the mid 90's when I first entered the Network Marketing arena, if someone had offered me this MLM Insider Report, I would have been willing to pay hundreds or even a few thousands of dollars to learn the craft that would make me a 6-figure income per year right from home.

I'd have gladly paid that much instead of going through these years of trials and errors, and earning less income than I deserved.

How about you?

How much is all this worth to you?

What is the value of learning a unique model of guaranteed network marketing training to market your products other than talking to your friends and family members that could potentially help you earn a full-time income right from the comfort of your home?

Knowing fully well that you could then run your business from anywhere because your business is portable, have the flexibility to schedule your work when you dictate, and build a residual income to take care of yourself and your family.

Even more importantly, how you would like to have an opportunity to help other people by marketing your products or services based on the need of the consumers?

Let me ask you again...

What's this worth to you?

Today, you don't have to spend hundreds or even thousands for this MLM Training Report.


although its content is priceless and it does get to the core of the problem, this MLM Training Report is incredibly affordable.

In fact, I've made this a no-brainer decision for you...

"My main problem now is time. I have over 200 people now waiting for me to get in contact with them..."

Martin made a list of over 130 people from his warm market and lost 10 really good friends by dragging and pushing them into his business opportunity meetings.

After he found this MLM training report, he took the knowledge and applied it. Now his business is growing 10-15 people per week without soliciting his friends or family members.

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The Real Scoop On My Price - And Why You MUST Act Now!

Being that I am trying to determine the best possible price, I've begun promoting this MLM Training Report for $19.95 as a starter price. After that, I am going to be increasing it until the numbers of sales determine my best price.

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and I really mean for a very limited time.

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This is not just a "gimmick": I want to have my mind at ease knowing that I have helped a few selected individuals that have chosen to download it to piggyback ride on this MLM training information.

You'll invest absolutely NOTHING to get your eager little hands (and eyes) on a very revealing, eye-popping MLM training report based on my years of tribulations, frustrations, and wasted efforts.

And this MLM Insider Report is the only document you'll find these outrageously controversial facts about the industry standard network marketing training condensed in one easy to use resource, that's perfect for you... and whatever company you're marketing products for!

Most immediate uplines in MLM don't have a clue what they are doing and they follow the advice of their gurus that in turn gets passed on to you. More than 180 hours went into this project to bring you some hard-core facts about running a network marketing business and having some MLM success with it.

It is possible to make money in network marketing if you only had no fluff, no-nonsense network marketing training to help you succeed.

The price tag is a mere pittance because the amount of value you'll derive from it will catapult your MLM business to greater heights.

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So What's Holding You Back?

These are the tactics that the top 3% of distributors in your MLM companies have used to command the kind of visibility they have. about what your upline leaders would prefer you would remain ignorant about and continue participating in their network marketing training to continue making "them" more money!

So, are you eager to be " in the know" when other distributors are still wondering why they can't move forward with their businesses?

Would you like to have MLM training information that most people - including your immediate upline doesn't have the foggiest clue?

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MLM Success Guarantee Image

I am so confident that if you simply read it AND apply these penetrating MLM training principles I am suggesting to do and NOT to do, you will SAVE hundreds of dollars in the way you conduct your MLM business, so why not give it a try?

You have nothing to risk and so much MLM success to gain - time, money, and a direction for your business.

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just continue doing what you are doing, listening to those same people who have gotten you in debt.

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You've Got What It Takes!

Since you've read this far, you can see the value this MLM training information can bring to your business and how many ways you can benefit from it. You're exactly the kind of person I was hoping could benefit from this network marketing training report!

That's why I'm reminding you that if you take advantage of this risk-free offer today, you'll instantly have the ability to stop throwing money out of the window and begin to strategize your business from a different point of view to make it profitable.

For the serious Network Marketer Only!

This MLM Training Report is a breath of hope... Are you ready to try it now...?

If you knew that this MLM training system was the key to making it happen - wouldn't you go ahead and download it right now?

So get yourself registered on the form below to download this MLM training report and find out the reasons why you are where you are with your business and how to make a 180-degree turn for the better.

Learn to work within the system and build your residual income business. Get your own copy now!

Multi Level Marketing Training Success Story Picture

I have been involved in Network Marketing for about 30 years. I was about to give up when I found this MLM Insider Report then I could not believe what I was reading.

Unfortunately, I had already spent a lot of time and money doing the things that this report has taught me not to do including face-to-face contact, which I struggled with a lot. But luckily for me this MLM training Report came early enough to still salvage my business...

Roderick Springs
Aurora, Colorado


Here's How To Get Your Network Marketing Training Report.

This Is A One-Time Special Offer
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(Note: With a 90% failure rate in our industry, only a selected numbers of network marketers will be allowed to download this brutally honest MLM training report at this very special offer to help them. Once my target number is reached, this offer is off the shelf!)

Network Marketing Training Success eBook by Wil Chirinos Yes Wil, I'd Like To Download This Report And Learn About The Insider Scoop On How To Reach MLM Success! I Will Also Receive All The Extra Bonuses To Further Grow And Expand My Own Business At No Cost!.
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Here's to your business success!

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